Ghost Stories

frontwithcopy1.jpgFor those of you who have read “Ghost,” and asked for more. I’ll soon publish “Bethlehem Ghosts,” about ghost stories in my area.  I’m posting a picture of the front cover, featuring “der Ausleger,” a phantom undertaker who actually drinks death water!


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  1. Valerie Says:

    I just finished reading “Ghost”. I couldn’t put it down! I am eagerly anticipating the release of “Bethlehem Ghosts”. Soon can’t be soon enough for me!

  2. indianni Says:

    It’s just been published. I don’t know about, but you can get it in our area, Bethlehem, from the book stores. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

  3. Shelly Says:

    Dear Katherine,

    It was a pleasure hearing your presentation last evening. I look forward to reading more of your work. I found your serendipitous pathway to authorship very inspiring. It offers hope to one who seeks to find their true life’s purpose–still!

    I most enjoyed your phrasing: ‘When it chooses you, you cannot deny it.”

    Thank you, I hope to see you again.

  4. Marshall Says:

    Hi Katherine! I wanted to ask a question about ghosts….
    When I was a kid(6yrs. old), I was living in an apartment building with my mom and my sister(7 yrs. old) in San Clemente California. My sister witnessed a lot of strange things having to do with spirits. One time she said she saw a purple feater floating in her bedroom, and another time she saw a person standing in her room, and described in great detail, a conquistador(a Spanish soldier).
    Now my question. I never experienced anything supernatural in my life, does that mean that I’m not “in tune” with the spiritual world, or am I not sensitive enough to notice spirits? I love to read ghost stories, and I am a member of haunted Missouri web board, but nothing has ever shown itself, nor have I seen or felt anything in my life.
    Let me know, I’m really interested in finding out. Thank you for your time in reading this. Marshall.

  5. indianni Says:


    I wish I knew the answer, because it would explain my own lack of experience, perhaps. I’ve recently been reading about how people who can go deeply into a trance state or have a religious experience may be able to more fully suppress their frontal lobe activity (the executive area) so they can surrender. If that’s related, then it’s a brain issue. I do think that a person’s physiology may be related to a sense of the supernatural, which is not to say that it’s all about the body but that it’s about how permeable the physical world might be (or not) to other dimensions.


  6. D Says:


    It is possible your sister was/maybe still is what can be described as a walking conduit to another side. Sometimes the conduit can hear/ see things that others can not, especially young females Every experience how minor it may be, can help “tune in” your own abilities. I’d suggest starting with EVP’s or believe it or not just reading in an area or room with noted activity. Just keep Plugging away. There may be a more Scientific answer but I am not a scientist. Too much usage of the wrong side of brain for me.

  7. Angel Franetich Says:

    Out in the Rezervation where my indian family lives there was known
    to be a native american ghost and he
    was always playing ghostly tricks on us like turning the shower on-off.
    but wrer now used to it but every once in a while he visits us.

  8. indianni Says:

    Hi Angel:

    Ghosts and water is a common theme; I’ve heard lotys of stories where they turn water on and off. I’m glad you have a good sense of him.


  9. Vincent Baine Says:

    Hello Katherine!
    I know this is ancient history to a busy person such as yourself, but I just (re)read GHOST and am completely intrigued as to what happened to Wraith, and if you ever uncovered to your satisfaction the truth to who did what to whom (Michael, Christian, Wraith, etc.) Aren’t there police records, etc.? Since you retained the ring I imagine there’s more to come…
    EVP is fascinating. Unfortunately I am one of those people who screws up the lyrics to songs on the radio – what can I tell you, I’m just not “audio dominant” and I’d NEVER understand what my spirits were telling me! Years ago (in the 70’s) a friend and I would experiment with her reel to reel; can’t say where we got the notion. This just resulted in all the dogs barking so we couldn’t hear a thing over the hub-bub. Another phenomena then occurred though, the macrame plant hangers began swinging in the closed windows. At least we got verification.
    Enjoy your writing very much and will be reading BETHLEHEM GHOSTS.
    Thanks for your interesting work! -VB

  10. indianni Says:

    We looked for police recirds – lots of missing persons down south, so that didn’t help. There won’t be any more about Wraith, though. All that stuff happened a decade ago. Thanks for writing.

  11. Kris Says:

    I also just finished reading, “Ghost”-it took me two years because I was enjoying it so much, I refused to finish it! I guess I was trying to avoid that let-down feeling after finishing a really great book! At any rate, I did finally finish it-much to my sadness, but was left with so many questions about Wraith. I am curious was there ever anything more to the numerous references to the “diary in the locked box?” It seemed that it was mentioned on so many occassions by various people, I was hoping that something would come of it. My second question is: Since that last time that you and Wraith crossed paths and his final voice mail he left following that encounter, did you ever hear from him or see him again?? Thanks for me making me really think about my own assumptions! It was an awesome book!!

  12. indianni Says:

    Thanks, Kris. What I know about the diary is what I wrote. Real life is often not as neat as fiction and questions remain unaswered. I have heard from Wraith again, but not for a long time now.

  13. Rebecca Says:

    Dear Ms. Katherine,

    I have started your book, perhaps because I have had a few ghostly experiences myself, mostly in dreams, though one did occur when I was conscious. Reading it has almost made me “hyperaware”, to the point where my pulse is pounding, my fingers are shaking as I type this, and my eyes are dilated.

    Perhaps it is fear. I don’t have much experience with fear, so I don’t know. I don’t mean to sound arrogant if I do, my apologies.

    Is this more of an overreaction? I have been trying now to find an accurate dreams interpretation book, but every one I glance through has nothing to do with what I dreamed about, or even the slightest semblence. This has been disturbing me.

    You probably get requests like this often, but I would appreciate it if there was some sort of venue you would feel comfortable with contacting me from.

    Thank you!

  14. Kelly - GA Says:

    Hi Katherine,

    I’ve read your book “Ghost: Investigating the Other Side” once and now I’m re-rereading it after reading Mary Roaches’ book: Spook : science tackles the afterlife. I think she places a bit too much emphasis on scientific knowledge, as it seems to be she is so bent on finding that that she doesn’t pause to feel her own personal experiences.

    I am thinking that surely you’ve read her book. What I’d LOVE to hear from you is your EVP from your Ghost book. That seems to me like some MAJOR scientific evidence that must be shared!

    There are lots of us anixously awaiting proof of life after death, be it inhabited by evil beings or not. We’d just love to hear of any proof at all. And the EVP’s you described in your book are not the garden-variety “vague answer” type. Please, tell me where I can hear them!

    Your adoring yet friendly skeptical fan,

  15. indianni Says:

    I agree with you about Roache’s book. She clearly isn’t doing science when she does hit-and-miss visits to people and dismisses them without much real investigation. I liked the background info she gave but didn’t care for her overall take on the people she met. I have posted EVP on my Website and it can also be found on the Crime Library, but there are much better examples than mine on other sites, such as the one Rick Fisher set up for Paranormal PA. Check it out.

  16. indianni Says:


    I don’t have much fear, either, but I can’t recommend a dream interpretation book, as too many start from an assumption that symbols mean the same thing for everyone.

  17. david warner Says:

    i have been trying to tell the story of my sons death and robbery to whomever will listen. to date i have hade no media do the story but i am keeping up the hope that soon one will do the story. my son was 21years old, and robbed and killed and the cops did not even take prints of the gun. the case has been closed and the DA told me i have no access to the reports as no crime was committed. paul harvey has stated that if you want to get away with murder do it in lincoln county new mexico and with these kind of investigation or lack of it is no wonder people are not flocking here to kill each other. still just a few weeks back there was another killing and the cops say they are optimistic about it. i would like to know if you can help me in any way. thank you. and keep up the good work.

  18. indianni Says:

    It sounds like you need an attorney to tell the police you want the gun back for private testing, as well as all crime reports. How can they say no crime was committed, unless they’re telling you it’s a suicide? In any event, you need an attorney who can interpret the laws of your state to you and help you work through the system.

  19. Frank Grogan Says:

    My father loved his coffee, he worked nights most of his life and would bring a thermos with him along with a sandwhich etc. One night a few months after he died I was on my home and decided to swing by and see how mom was doing. Ever the night owl I knew she’d be up, so barging in at 10:00 PM was no big deal.

    “Yes mom I’d love a cup!” My retort to the plesant aroma that greeted me when I stepped into the house.

    “You better ask your father.” She said with a grin. A quick glance in the kitchen spoke volumes as the coffee pot sat on the shelf and the stove was vacant of any utensils.

    The odor would come and go over the years but always between 10:00 and 10:30 at night………. Dad worked 11:00 to 7:00

  20. Frank Grogan Says:

    Oh I forgot to ask……………. Spirits have been associated with water, darkness, animals kids etc etc……….. But what about odors?

    PS Love all your work

  21. indianni Says:

    Yes, ghosts have often been associated with odoros – perfume and tobacco are most common, but also baked goods, coffee, and other things associated with the deceased.

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