The Brave One

thebraveone.doc I posted this review at the crime Library.


2 Responses to “The Brave One”

  1. frankenduf Says:

    I’m afraid that this movie will only foster (my pun o the day) the violent side of American culture- we are by far the most hand-gun laden society, which as you point out takes a toll on the conscience- what is the ‘vigilante’ response to the Cho massacre?- we need more guns to protect us from the gun slinging punks!?

  2. indianni Says:

    I agree, but cultural art is more of a symptom than a cause. It’s already in the air, in part because people are tired of being perpetually afraid. (Will we ever stop being in a state of vigilance?) Reactive violence is not the answer, which the movie does illustrate, but unfortunately. the vigilantism was clothed in a sexy appearance. Still, people who wish to act in this manner to empower themselves will do so, because they’ve already convinced themselves they’re justified.

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