And the Oscar Goes To…

I’ve posted my picks for crime movies here:


2 Responses to “And the Oscar Goes To…”

  1. frankenduf Says:

    thank you for essentially blowing off There Will Be Blood (sans Lewis’ performance)- that was the WORST long movie of all time!- never mind the latent misogyny (I claim here that it is the only long movie of all time not to have a single female character!?), it had no redemptive quality for the unfortunate viewer at all- yeah, No Country was excellent, but let’s be honest- it’s Blood Simple revisited, simply with the Coens in more command of their talents- my own opinion is that crime movies cannot be movie of the year because they neither inspire nor uplift the viewer, which is the highest virtue of the artform (landscapes notwithstanding :))

  2. indianni Says:

    But what are we left with? Atonement? There was no real redemption there, just an easy out. Juno? Yikes. I agree that There Will Be Blood was long (there was one female character, though – Mary), but I also liked its literary qualities, which is not something shared by many viewers. By your criteria, I’d pick Michael Clayton, then, but that’s a crime movie, too, white collar crime.

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