Latest News from Into the Devil’s Den

devilsdencover1There was an interesting development this week, thanks to the work that Tym Burkey and Dave hall did, as recorded in this book.


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One Response to “Latest News from Into the Devil’s Den”

  1. frankenduf Says:

    wonder how a black president will affect klan recruiting- on the one hand, social integration should be improved, as the northern electorate tends to bear that out- however, south of the appalachians there may be a reactionary movement which is borne out of the poverty of the area- this may explain “what’s the matter with Arkansas”, as it’s electorate has actually increased it’s conservative voting in the context of conservative government failure- my guess is that the klan influence will actually increase under a black president, as a deep recession furthers the poverty stranglehold in the south- as the link points out, the scapegoating of hispanics is a nice segue for the klan, as organized violence campaigns typically have their roots in poor/oppressed areas

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